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A pamphlet adventure game designed to emulate the feeling of being a vampyre preying upon a rural village. Having recently awoken after a long slumber you find that your valley has been conquered by the clerical order that you fought so long ago. How will you go about reclaiming your stolen land?

All rules required to create vampyres and play are inside including setting details for the cryptkeeper. Perfect for a relaxed one shot requiring no setup.

The main focus of the system is the gaining and spending of blood to bolster your abilities. This creates a risk vs reward debate with every action naturally creating tension as the vampyres attempt to find time to feed during their attacks.

The adventure was written by Hunter Charest.

All art done by Obliesk who can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/obliesk/

This game was inspired by V Rising by Stunlock Studios which can be found here https://playvrising.com/

It was a submission for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022!

As a note make sure to use safety tools! This game naturally involves blood and can descend into elements of horror that not everyone is comfortable with. Make sure to have a talk with everyone at the table and check out these resources below for more information.

X-Card by John Stavropoulos http://tinyurl.com/x-card-rpg

Veils and Lines https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/30906/what-do-the-terms-lines-and-veils-...


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Vampyre Awakening (Black Background).pdf 544 kB
Vampyre Awakening (White Background).pdf 552 kB

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