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Play as cats employed by the railway company to be train attendants.  Your responsibilities include: looking cute, getting belly rubs, and finding out who’s attempting to smuggle illegal goods across the border.  As a team you have to travel through the train to find out who the smuggler is and stop them.  A silly one-page adventure meant to be run with no prep.


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Train Station Cattendants V1.pdf 214 kB

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Train Station Cattendants Review

First of all, great Skimbleshanks energy. That one's my favorite of the Cats cast.

I like the use of colors to block out Player and "Cat Herder" information. The text is a bit blocky (looks like a wall of information). Trust that the reader can read between the lines a bit (statements on how to use the tables aren't really necessary) and make your sentences more concise.

The mechanics are pretty sound. The "at or lower" aspect reminds me of Call of Cthulhu, which could definitely run a story like this. That feels really natural to anyone who likes playing these kinds of stories. Its a good call. The 9 lives thing threw me off for a second but that's a cool group mechanic, especially when coupled with the simplicity of a single die roll. The stats broke the 50/50 threshold, which is great. You always want them to feel like they're winning with their best stat.

Your complications are cute and very cat-like. Personally, I use this blog entry as a starting point for roadblocks/complications. (This article works best for heists, but chases/mysteries like this game kind of fall into the same mechanical space.)

If anything, more narrative tables would've been nice. What could the smuggler be smuggling? Can the kitties have traits that further define them (like Honey Heist does)? A second page for a character sheet would be nice (I would want to be able to show off my kitty somehow in a way the game supports).

I had a lot of fun with this game. Easy to pick up, engaging to play, and the cats are cute. Will play again.