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          Achaea is a world divided. Multitudes of isolated city-states dot the landscape, all in competition with one another while still being dependent on their network for survival.  Travel is dangerous and strangers even more so, yet sometimes braving the wilderness is a necessary risk. In a world with no true heroes you must do your best to simply survive.

          Instead of playing as fantastical heroes you are ordinary members of Achaea. However, you do not have the luxury of staying safe behind your cities walls. For one reason or another you all find yourself sworn to serve a ruler of one of these cities for the duration of 12 labours. These tasks range from slaying mythical creatures to stealing from the underworld. Can you successfully accomplish them before losing your mortal self?

         This 20 page zine includes everything you'd need to begin playing the game. This includes rules for :

  • Character Creation
  • Votive Magic
  • Labour Tables
  • Stress and Fallout Mechanics
  • Travels
  • Chases
  • Stealth
  • Combat
  • Animal Companions

This game was made for the OSR Jam III: Weird Small Games.


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Is it possible to use this with existing adventure modules written for one or more editions of D&D?